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Tom, Clearwater
Dear customer support, I finally received my package yesterday. And, all is good. It took its time getting here, but it made it.
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Sauro Manganelli, Follo, Italy
I’m pleased to tell you that I got my order today. Great website and service, I am happy with delivery on time. Fast, professional and polite! Highly recommend!
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Fresh pay offer could end NHS consultant strikes
Extra increase on top of 6% rise given this year will now be put to union members in England.
New Zealand smoking ban: Health experts criticise new government's shock reversal
Health experts are appalled as the new government plans to repeal the policy to fund tax cuts.
Royal Papworth starts 'blood powder' trial with first recruit
Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge hopes the product will improve heart surgery survival rates.
China says no 'unusual or novel pathogens' after WHO queries respiratory outbreaks
Beijing tells the WHO it found no "unusual or novel pathogens" in the cases involving children.
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